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Corporate Massage

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At last! We are seeing a generation of employers who realize the value of their employees.

Big business knows that the cost of training new staff is high. So it is worth doing that little bit extra to keep your staff happy, healthy and motivated in their work. The reward for employers? Reduced cost of staff turnover and absenteeism.

You and your staff can enjoy a 10 minute (or longer) massage in your lunch break or even whilst at your workstation. This simple step towards improving the well being of staff, will do wonders for morale.


5th Eye Avenue center








The benefits of massage are:

• Reduced stress and anxiety;
• Relax tired muscles;
• Improved posture; and
• Assists blood flow and lymph drainage.


If you are interested in providing this service to your staff, then we at Massage at Midday can arrange for a qualified massage therapist to visit your office once a week, fortnightly or monthly.