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Drink Pi-Water -

The Water of Life


To fully enjoy the benefits of your massage, it is recommended that you drink water afterwards. The reason for this is that after rubbing your muscles, toxins are released into your lymphatic system. So, your body needs more water to help flush these toxins from your body. If you fail to drink enough water after a massage, then there is a possibility you may feel unwell that evening and even the next day.

There is no better water than Pi-WaterPi-Water is living energy. It was discovered by Japanese researchers, more than 30 years ago. The scientists isolated water with specially charged iron particles (ferric ferrous salt) and referred to it as “living water” from the beneficial effects they perceived it had on plants and animals. 

5th Eye Avenue center

Massage at Midday is a distributor of the Pi Mag Water System that creates this Pi-water using a special pi ceramic filter, which filters water from approved town tap water. By further adding a high-powered magnetic field to the water, the water molecule clusters are broken up into smaller groups, resulting in water being more absorbable by our bodies. 

You can enjoy this great tasting, life-giving water every day by having your own Pi Mag water system in your home or office from just $530.

Visit www.nikkenwellness.com.au for more information about its range of water filter products.